ROSANNA ZEITLIN is a fully qualified and insured Permanent Make up Artist holding further qualifications in MesoME Digital Skin Needling treatments as well as Cosmetic Tattoo Removal treatments.

Having trained at one the country’s leading schools for aesthetics, The Finishing Touches Group has ensured Rosanna has attained an outstanding repertoire of both theoretical knowledge and the practical skills required to bring you the safest, most technologically advanced and natural looking permanent make up there is to offer.

Specialising in creating something unique for every client has resulted in Rosanna receiving consistent referrals from existing clients. Her attention to detail and understanding nature guarantees customer satisfaction, with her client reviews and testimonials speaking for themselves!


“Having delved into the world of permanent makeup for personal insecurity, I am more than aware of the worries and reservations a person may have when considering a ‘Semi-Permanent’ treatment. I certainly had my own! Needless to say I was thrilled with the results and the effect it had on my self confidence. It was because of this that I decided a career in the Aesthetic industry was my calling.

I personally work with two main objectives in mind; firstly that through a comprehensive consultation process, I gain some understanding of each individual clients’ needs, as well as their reasons for these specific needs. And secondly, that every client that walks through the door feels safe, comfortable and confident in our unique treatment plan for their chosen procedure.

I am passionate about my work and ensure that I maintain only the highest standard of care for each and every client.”

Treatment info–​


When carrying out an eyebrow procedure we aim to make the healed result as natural as possible and to do this we replicate tiny hairstrokes. The whole eyebrow process is completed in 2 sessions with the first appointment including a comprehensive consultation where we work with our clients to make sure a realistic goal is set. We then measure precisely where the brows start and end as well as the shape the client wants to achieve and with perfect placement the created hairstrokes can look as natural as the real thing, creating a completely authentic looking eyebrow.


Eyeliner, whether you choose to have both top and bottom or just one or the other, is achieved by implanting pigment along the lash lines, creating a darker, more defined eye. Again, it can be beautifully natural and if you’re partial to a liquid eyeliner look but spend ages trying to create this every morning before work, this is without a doubt the treatment for you!


When having your lips tattooed you can either opt for just a lip liner or a full Lip Blush. A full Lip Blush consists of defining the lips with a lip liner and then shading inwards to create a permanent fuller looking lip. You have full control over the shade of pigment we use however guidance by our specialist is always available to make sure you choose the right shade to go with your skin tone!

Meso skin needling:

Digital skin needling is a revolutionary skin treatment which promotes the production of collagen resulting in tighter, brighter skin. This is a highly effective treatment which targets not only fine lines and wrinkles by pushing serum more deeply into the skin but also helps to reduce acne scarring and pigmentation. There are no injections and no down time required. This treatment is offered with a skin peel either as a ‘one off’ treatment or as a course of 6.

This service is offered by Rosanna Zeitlin, her website is https://www.rzaesthetics.co.uk/ and contact number 07756008294 and email info@rzaesthetics.co.uk