What is Lemon Bottle?
Lemon Bottle is a new brand of fat dissolving injections which has taken the aesthetics world (and social media) by storm. Lemon Bottle targets and breaks down fatty deposits and facilitates their efficient and safe elimination from the body.

So how does Lemon Bottle differ from other fat dissolving injections? The main difference is its mechanism of action; Lemon Bottle’s advanced formula contains ingredients including Bromelain (a digestive enzyme which triggers fat breakdown and inflammation), Lecithin (its primary function is to break down the fat cell membrane),
and Riboflavin (also known as Vitamin B2, promotes fat metabolism).

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Essentially, Lemon Bottle fat dissolving injections work by triggering the body’s own chemical processes.  Lemon Bottle, as with any fat dissolving treatments, are fat reducing rather than weight loss solutions.  They are used to reduce stubborn fat pockets and should be used only in the context of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What areas can be treated with Lemon Bottle?
Lemon Bottle can be used on any area of stubborn fat.  It is particularly effective for ‘double chins’, ‘love handles’ and ‘bingo wings’ but can also have amazing results when used on the abdomen and thighs.

What to expect during your treatment?
As with any medical or aesthetic procedure, it is essential that a full and comprehensive consultation is performed prior to any treatment. The consultation will always include your past medical and surgical history, lifestyle, allergies and medications.

The treatment area will be marked and the injections administered. As with any injection, you can expect some discomfort but this is generally short lived. Topical anaesthesia is not generally required but is an option. 

There will be some swelling and redness which can take a few days to subside.

Following treatment, fatty acids are excreted in the urine. To expedite this process it is important to ensure that you are well hydrated and you will be encouraged to drink 2-3 litres of water each day post treatment.

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How many treatments will I need?
This will vary. Results have been noted after just one treatment but many patients will require 3-5 treatments which should be performed 7 days apart.

Lemon Bottle in the UK
Lemon Bottle has received a huge amount of attention on social media as people have been amazed by the incredible results.  While this has been positive in raising the product’s profile, it has also prompted many to look at its safety in their clinic.

Because Lemon Bottle does not contain deoxycholic acid, it is classed as a cosmetic rather than medical treatment. This in itself has implications for the way that it is classified, prescribed and administered. This does not mean that it is any less clinically efficient. Indeed, Plastic surgeon Dr Vahe Karimyan describes Lemon Bottle as a “revolutionary injectable”, largely on account of its natural ingredients and uses it a “great deal” in his clinic. He goes on to explain that “the Lemon Bottle formula is registered in Korea where it has been used as a fat dissolving treatment for over 3 years,” he notes. “The treatment is covered by one of the largest insurance companies and is sold by key aesthetic product distributors.”

Unlike injectables like Botox, Lemon Bottle does not require a prescription and this means that the industry is essentially unregulated.

An experienced injector and prescriber will always ensure that a thorough consultation is performed prior to any treatment and should be happy to answer any questions you may have. Consider asking the following;

  • What is your level of experience and qualifications?
  • Are there any risks or side effects I could experience?
  • What will happen if anything goes wrong?
  • What insurance cover do you have for fat dissolving  treatments?