There seems to be lots of chat on social media about the differences between ProfHilo and Seventy Hyal. Practitioners and clients alike appear to have pledged their allegiance to one or the other. So what’s the hype, and what are main things that we need to know?

Any discussions around so called ‘skin boosters’ must start with a recap on Hyaluronic Acid.

You’d struggle to watch a TV ad break without it being mentioned and a cream isn’t a cream without HA. So what is it?

HA is a natural substance which is found throughout the body. It has a unique capacity to bind and retain water and as it is highly concentrated within the skin tissue, it acts like a scaffold for essential proteins such as collagen and elastin which naturally deplete with age.

For this reason, HA is especially useful for retaining moisture and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Skin boosters are gel like injections made of hyaluronic acid. Unlike dermal fillers which are used to alter shape and volume, boosters do not shape or contour the face, instead they act to make the skin appear more hydrated, firmer, smoother and youthful.

So is there a difference between ProfHilo and Seventy Hyal?

In short, yes, and it is important to understand these differences in order to decide which treatment is best suited to which face!

ProfHilo is the most established and popular skin booster on the market and approaches HA therapy with a bio remodelling concept. It uses high concentrations of HA (64mg in 2ml syringe) to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This innovative approach offers not only wrinkle reduction but overall skin remodelling. ProfHilo enhances over all skin texture, elasticity and firmness.

While ProfHilo has been on the market for many years, Seventy Hyal is the ‘new generation’ skin booster. Seventy Hyal also uses high concentrations of HA (90mg in 6ml) and aims to improve the levels of hydration within the skin.

Results can be noticed almost immediately.

Seventy Hyal excels in deep hydration, making it an excellent choice for clients with dry or damaged skin. It leads to a noticeable reduction in fine lines and gives the skin a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

In contrast, ProfHilo stands out with its bio-remodelling properties. It ehances skin texture, elasticity and firmness. ProfHilo achieves comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

ProfHilo is injected deep into the dermis and is generally more suited to clients over the age of 35.
Seventy Hyal is injected into the superficial/mid dermis and is suitable for clients of all skin types aged 18+. In short, Seventy Hyal appears to provide the most immediate hydration and glow while ProfHilo works at a deeper level to reduce the signs of ageing.

Price wise, Seventy Hyal tends to be noticeably cheaper but may require an additional treatment.

Both Seventy Hyal and ProfHilo treatments should be given 4 weeks apart and then repeated 3-6 monthly.