The initial consultation is arguably the most important part of the journey for both you and your practitioner.  You may feel nervous, excited, awkward, or a combination of lots of emotions, this is perfectly normal.  I’ll chat through a couple of points to consider.

Take your time.
Do not rush.  If you feel rushed, you may be with the wrong practitioner.  This is often the stage that takes the most time and I will often spend a full hour (sometimes more) with a client on our first appointment.

Be honest.
It is crucial that you tell the truth! Prescribing decisions will be based on the history that is taken so be as open as possible about your medical history including medications, past treatments and allergies. 

Use a mirror.
It is likely that your practitioner will ask you to describe your ‘problem areas’ while looking in the mirror.  It can also be useful to take photographs and use them as part of the consultation.

Try to enjoy this appointment. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore your concerns and discuss treatment options.  You are not obliged to agree to any treatment so use this time to gather information and ask questions.

 Build trust.
The initial consultation allows me, as the practitioner, protected time to ask lots of questions and gather as much information as required to plan a safe, appropriate treatment. This is important to ensure that your journey is safe and transparent and that your expectations are managed.  This time is as important for you.  This is your
chance to ask questions (please see previous blog) about your practitioner’s credentials and experience, the treatment itself, timings, follow up and costings.

Did you know that all injectable toxins (ie, Botox) can legally only be purchased via a reputable UK pharmacy on prescription.  Non medics are simply not allowed to purchase toxins legally so they are forced to use unreputable companies which are offering cheap products which are often not stored correctly. These products are, at
best, not going to give a good aesthetic result, but at worse may be dangerous. Remember, Botox must be legally prescribed and purchased via a reputable UK pharmacy.  I am regularly approached by bogus pharmacies trying to
sell me products online. These products are cheap for a reason!

You are not obliged!
Please remember that it’s absolutely fine if after your consultation you decide to not proceed with your treatment. In the same way that it is your practitioner’s choice to not perform a treatment that she/he considers unsafe or unwise.