As we age, lines and wrinkles inevitably develop. These changes can be attributed to many factors including sun damage, muscle contraction, loss of volume, a reduction in elastin and collagen and even gravity! Botox can significantly reduce and improve the appearance of these lines.

What is Botox®?

Botox is the trade name for Botulinum Toxin. Botox acts by blocking acetylcholine, a chemical which is responsible for transmitting electrical impulses that causes muscle contraction. This results in a temporary reduction in the movement of treated areas. As new nerves grow and the muscles are re-innervated, movement is re-established.

Treatment areas

Botox is most commonly used to treat the lines on the forehead, frown and around the eyes. These lines can make a person appear angry and tired and just a small amount of product can make a significant improvement to this area.

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What to expect at your appointment

As with any aesthetic procedure, it is absolutely essential that a full and comprehensive consultation is performed prior to any treatment. The consultation will always include your past medical and surgical history, lifestyle, allergies and medications. Pregnancy and breast feeding is an absolute contraindication to Botox.

Your treatment will then be planned and performed. Botox is an injectable and delivered with a very small needle to the identified areas. Discomfort is minimal and the actual treatment takes only minutes to perform. There is very little ‘down-time’ and you can return to your day immediately after your appointment.

What are the results?

Results will depend on the area being treated but you can expect a reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles as movement is minimised.

Results are often not immediate and will vary from person to person but movement will generally be noticeably reduced between days 4-14 post treatment. Heavy, static lines will require regular treatments for optimal, long term results. Movement is generally fully restored 3-4 months after treatment.

Skin tightening near me
Skin tightening near me
Skin tightening near me
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What are the risks?

No severe complications after the cosmetic use of Botox have been reported in the literature. Botox has been regulated for a long time and is a very safe treatment.The best way to minimise risk if you are considering Botox is to have the treatment done by a qualified practitioner.

There may be some bruising and swelling at the injection site.

There is a risk of eyelid heaviness and even an eyelid ptosis post Botox. This is extremely rare and can be treated with eye drops and time.

Botox® in the UK

In the UK, Botox is a prescription only medicine, which means that it must be prescribed and given to a patient by a qualified prescriber. If you are not having the treatment done by a qualified prescriber, they should still refer you to a medical professional (the person who prescribes the Botox for them) to check that you are fit for the treatment. By law, the person prescribing the Botox should be a doctor, nurse, dentist or prescribing pharmacist. Guidelines from the General Medical Council (GMC) state that they should meet you face to face and must be present at the client consultation. When the prescriber is happy, you can then be treated.

The prescriber also has responsibility for the outcome of the treatment. Many doctors and nurses are unlikely to want to take responsibility for a non-medical person’s injecting work, so be sure to check that you are happy with the person you have chosen for your Botox treatments.

Important note re Botox®

Botox is a prescribed drug and as discussed must, by law be prescribed by a qualified prescriber. An experienced injector and prescriber will always ensure that a thorough consultation is performed and should be happy to answer any questions you may have. Consider asking the following;

  • What is your level of experience and qualifications?
  • What is the name or brand of product you are using?
  • Are there any risks or side effects I could experience?
  • What will happen if anything goes wrong?
  • What insurance cover do you have for chemical peel treatments?


Here at Radiant we use only Botox®. Botox pricing generally varies depending on the areas being treated;

1. area £170
2. areas £210
3. areas £250
4. areas £290